The facilitator

Roxy Manning

Roxy Manning brings decades of service experience to her work interrupting explicitly and implicitly oppressive attitudes and cultural norms within individuals, communities, and organizations. Rooted in her experience as an Afro-Caribbean immigrant to the United States who occupies several marginalized identities, Roxy brings a diversity of perspectives to her work that generates profound insights for transformative change. Roxy has worked and consulted across the U.S. with businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations wanting to move towards equitable and diverse hiring practices and workplace cultures, as well as with individuals and groups committed to social justice internationally. 

As a facilitator, she’s thrilled by the process of holding opposing voices and ushering groups from discord towards values-driven solutions that work for everyone. Her own inner work coupled with her professional experience has grown her capacity to meet people with varying levels of education, disparate life experiences, and the most intense feelings in ways that help them feel heard, respected, supported, and loved.
As a psychologist, she maintains a private therapy practice and works in San Francisco serving the homeless and disenfranchised mentally ill population.
As a Certified Trainer and assessor with CNVC, she works with folks from the Global Majority who are interested in NVC certification and creating ties with the global NVC network to create local communities that thrive.

The assistants

Jaia Bristow is a multiethnic queer disabled content creator and group facilitator who has been working in events and media production since 2010, and hosting groups around social identity since 2016. She is the creator of Beyond Boxes with Jaia Bristow, a podcast and youtube channel exploring labels and identity. Jaia runs in-person and online workshops on power, privilege and prejudice, and works as a diversity and inclusivity consultant. She has been practicing meditation since childhood and training in NVC since 2018.

Ann Birot-Salsbury’s focus is to support healthy nourishing relationships for and with those she encounters, having the intention each day to see how she can use her power and her privileges to work towards removing systemic barriers to create a more inclusive and co-creative society. She is particularly proud of founding and developing a community that welcomes people who are refugees in France, where she lives as a dual national (American and French) with her husband. Her initiatives build upon her experience with NVC, individual and systemic coaching along with mindfulness.

A social and environmental justice activist since 2015, Laure Ducos quickly became passionate about the issues of care in activist settings. Trained in NVC with several French and international trainers∙rices (Yoram Mosenzon, Roxy Manning, …), she explores different practices considering the issue of care from a collective and systemic point of view, such as group processes to move through conflicts (Processwork). She co-founded several collectives (Diffraction, self-managed NVC-Power and Privilege group) that explore how systemic oppressions impact our hearts, bodies and struggles. In 2022, she began a year-long sabbatical to be fully involved in these projects while completing a degree in psychology.

Since her childhood, Samara Hilal‘s life choices have been guided by two dynamics: expression and fun through the body (theatre, music and dance) and care (listening, inner exploration, body work, mediation…).

« My personal and professional lives are richly intertwined, serving connexion, in every possible form. As a teacher and facilitator, my aim is to offer a qualitative framework to allow and encourage everyone to see and reclaim their potential.

Socially, my intersectionality has led me to see systemic oppressions : My thirst for ethics drives me to work for social change in all areas I inhabit, with a strong desire for cooperation. »

Kevin Dancelme works as a consultant and trainer who specializes in bringing systemic awareness to communication and relationships. He participates in a work group dedicated to developing and sharing NVC through a systemic lens (Tools for Liberation), and has been co-facilitating workshops on power and privilege with Jaia Bristow since 2021. He is a parent of 2 young humans and is a permaculture enthusiast following the dream of planting a forest garden.
“Conscious that my identity as a white cis straight man living in a dominant country of western Europe, and all the privileges attached to this identity, are likely to make me reproduce the very patterns of domination, oppression and separation that I want to move away from, I commit to educate myself and to use my resources in support of the creation of systems that will allow each and everyone to express fully, freely and safely their gifts and who they are, and to have an equitable access to meeting their needs.« 

Aïcha Doucouré is French of Malian descent. Since 2002, she has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area working as a designer and anthropology researcher. After a 3rd burnout, she decided to study NVC and became certified both as an integral life coach with the international coaching federation (ICF), and iEQ9, enneagram method. She specialises in integrating embodiment with coaching. She has been participating in and designing collective experiences that connect people through NVC, Authentic Relating, Improv, and games.

Aurélia Saint-Just is at the origin of this workshop. She identifies as BiPoC. Trainer for many years with individuals and organizations around the world on group dynamics, she has been exploring NVC since 2015. Her practice took a turn in 2019 when she met Roxy Manning, who was a source of inspiration on how to embody and integrate systemic awareness and inner work.
Inspired by different practices (NVC, Processwork, Zegg’s Forum, Relational Intelligence, Miki Kashtan’s work,…), Aurelia now dedicates her time to exploring and sharing approaches to individual and collective liberation. She lives in a collective in the Lot-et-Garonne region of France and contributes to several self-organized groups focusing on power and privilege, in France and internationally.

After studying political science, Mathilde Azzouz worked for several years as a social worker at school and at the same time trained in NVC, a process that she has been transmitting for several years in groups and collectives as well as within various institutions. Since 2017, she is certified by the CNVC. A feminist and anti-racist activist, she now focuses her work on raising awareness of systemic dominance relationships and on individual and collective emancipation

Roudy is a multi-ethnic, queer, autistic and disabled person. He grew up in different countries in Africa. As a child, he was already an observer of the inequalities suffered by populations impacted by systemic oppressions. He was a relational trauma therapist until 2021. Sensitized to the so-called « invisible » disability, he is now involved in an association run by autistic people. In his path of learning NVC, his participation in an intensive training on « The Impact of Power and Privilege » in 2019, with Roxy Manning, was an important catalyst.

Anissa Vermeil de Conchard is born and raised in Kenya, of Indian origin and currently lives in Bordeaux, France. Based on her life, professional experience, and her inner healing work, she is passionate about bridging intercultural differences and working on healing individual and collective traumas often due to legacy burdens.
She works as a corporate coach & NVC trainer, and an “Intelligence Relationnelle” therapist.

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