Workshop prices

Educational costs
in conscious contribution

Free accommodation and meals (funded by a foundation)

Educational costs

We are operating this workshop on gift economy, which means that there are no set fees.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will be free to choose the amount of their financial contribution:
– with regard to his/her financial means and what he/she will have received/experienced;
– with the awareness of the costs incurred and the team’s wishes for a financial contribution. Indicative amounts will be shared, as well as details of the costs incurred.

Thanks to an exceptional financial support from the Foundation for the Progress of Man (FPH), participants will not have any costs for accommodation and food: everything is taken care of.

Donating nothing is welcome, as well as giving a million !

Our dream is to make this workshop as accessible as possible. We work hard to find funding. Donating nothing is welcome. At the same time, we want to best honor the investment, creativity, knowledge and experience of Roxy Manning and the 10 other people of the team (organizers, assistants and interpreters), remunerating them in a way that also takes care of their needs. Since the majority of these people are considered BIPOC or “non-white racialized”, it is all the more important for us that their work be recognized and valued.

We are therefore counting on the participation of all those who can afford it to support us and thus encourage us to continue organizing this type of event.

By way of comparison, an equivalent NVC workshop over 10 days, with full board, usually costs around €1,600.

Payment of deposit and NVC Beyond Borders membership upon registration

Once your registration has been validated by our team, a link will be sent to you to pay your deposit using HelloAsso Platform.The deposit options are :
– €100 : recommended deposit for the 6-day workshop
– €160 : recommended deposit for the 10-day workshop (and also welcome for the 6-day workshop)
– €25 for people with limited financial capacities

Pease note that membership to the organizing association, NVC Beyond Borders, is required to participate in the workshop (between €5 and €100). The payment of the membership will be made at the same time as the deposit, on the HelloAsso platform.

Refund conditions:
The deposit is fully refundable up to 1 month before the course (October 7, 2023) and up to 50% up to 15 days before the start of the course (October 24).
There will be no refund after this date.

They are supporting us !

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