Accommodation and meals

Accommodation and meals for the entire team and participants are fully funded by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress and Humankind (FPH), which has generously agreed to support the organization of this internship.


The workshop will be held at the ecosite of Villarceaux, in the Val d’Oise, 70km northwest of Paris. We will be staying there at the Bergerie, a magnificent place which has a plenary room of 160 m2 and various collective spaces.


All information is available here:

We are thinking about renting a shuttle bus to transport the group more easily. We will come back to you.


Accommodation is in rooms for 2 to 4 people, all bright and comfortable. Most of them get a bathroom inside or close by. Some people will be able to benefit from a single room on request and according to specific needs. The main accommodation building is located close to the plenary hall and the meeting rooms.


All meals are cooked on site by the Bergerie team. They will be vegan, balanced and tasty (we tested them!). The kitchen team also takes into account food intolerances and allergies: just indicate this in the registration form.

What to bring with you

Towels, sheets and blankets are provided by the venue.

We invite you to take with you :

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