Who are we ?


NVC Beyond Borders is a non-profit association created in 2019.

She has a purpose

“Facilitate the emergence of a living together that transcends all types of borders, so as to take care of life in all its forms, based on Nonviolent Communication.”

For this, we want :

Who are we ?

Solène Garreau, founder and organizer

I founded NVC Beyond Borders to provide inclusive spaces for meetings around NVC, « beyond » national, socio-cultural, economic borders… NVC has so transformed my relationship to myself, to others , to life… that I want this process to be shared with as many people as possible. For this, I deeply believe in the beauty of the gift economy, which makes it possible to welcome into the same group people with varied economic resources.

For more than 4 years I have also been facilitating “Dialogue with the Living” workshops. In these workshops I offer a range of processes to reconnect with one’s authentic Self. Freed from the various layers of conditioning this allows to live from a heart that is deeply at peace, vibrant and loving. I draw on several approaches: NVC, inner dialogue, shadow work, body practices…

I am infinitely grateful for the gift I received that allows me to accompany human beings towards more inner freedom and joy, and to marvel together at the ineffable beauty of the mystery of existence!

Aurélia Saint-Just, organizer and interpreter

I have been exploring NVC since 2015. Inspired by different practices (NVC, Processwork, Zegg’s Forum, Relational Intelligence, Miki Kashtan’s work,…), I now dedicate my time to exploring and sharing approaches to individual and collective liberation. I live in a collective in the Lot-et-Garonne region of France and contributes to several self-organized groups focusing on power and privilege, in France and internationally.

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