Kathleen Macferran

The facilitator

Kathleen Macferran

She has been working as a certified trainer for the CNVC since 2003, and as an assessor since 2010. She is passionate about community system building and conflict transformation. For over 30 years Kathleen has explored ways to restore harmony to communities. She is committed to build a world where peace replaces violence, love replaces hate, equity replaces inequity, and all people live meaningful lives.

Kathleen has worked internationally with individuals, community groups, businesses, families, schools, hospitals, prison inmates, as well as correctional and law enforcement employees. She supports the transformation of prisoners into peacemakers as a facilitator for the Freedom Project of Seattle. This organization supports healing connection and restorative communities both inside and outside prison through NVC, mindfulness, racial equity and anti-oppression strategies.

She has worked as the leader of a nonprofit organization and as a public school teacher. She has been a conductor for 20 years and has conducted several classical music recordings. She is the author of the children’s books How Giraffes Found Their Hearts and How Giraffes Got Their Ears, and conductor for Giraffe Tales a children’s CD setting those stories to music. Kathleen is co-author with Jared Finkelstein of Choice: A Field Guide for Navigating the Polarization of Our World and Living Interdependently.

She lives near Seattle, USA.

To learn more about Kathleen Macferran : https://strengthofconnection.com/

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