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We dream to live in a world that fully values diversity and differences. We are convinced that each of us can contribute to make life more rich and fulfilling. We also believe that meeting people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds is an enriching relational experience for everyone. This is why we are committed to making NVC accessible to all, independent of financial means.

We are hence delighted to propose our workshop with Kathleen McFerran, « Contributing to resilient communities », in a gift-economy. This is a topic that we see as particularly useful to explore in the times we are going through and which are unsettling for many of us, and so it is important for us that money isn’t an obstacle to participation.

“I find gift economy is a way to invite people into a core principle of NVC for me: the free flow of giving and receiving. It makes it real and the understanding of that principle goes to completely new levels when it is connected to money. This embodied learning continually invites me to look at my own cultural core beliefs around giving and receiving.”
Kathleen Macferran

We also see offering this workshop on a gift-economy basis as a powerful opportunity for individual and collective emancipation. By inviting each participant to consciously choose the amount of their financial contribution, this practice invites us to question the way we exchange our resources and our relationship to money. It offers us an opportunity to acknowledge and to transcend our representations (money brings security, freedom, recognition, gives value to an activity…) and our fears (fear of not having enough), thus leading, little by little, to more inner freedom. This practice helps us see money as a life-serving means of exchange, rather than as a source of conflicts and tensions. Acting in the world, with an open heart and from a place of consciousness and trust is, for us, one of the keys for a more equitable and sustainable society, in which the basic needs of each and everyone can be met.

Gift-economy is in itself a practice, and we will take time during the workshop to explore it. We will share with you the fixed costs linked to the organisation as well as the amount that each person in the team would enjoy receiving. After a round of sharing around feelings and any clarifying questions people may have, we will invite you to give the amount of money that is possible and joyous for you to offer. Your contribution will then be a way to celebrate your insights and learnings, a gesture of your gratitude, a way to make it possible for us to continue our work towards a world that works for all, and it will support the realisation of our dreams and projects…

Payment of deposit and NVC Beyond Borders membership upon registration

Once your registration has been validated by our team, a link will be sent to you to pay your deposit using HelloAsso Platform.

The deposit options are : [] €

Please note that membership to the organizing association, NVC Beyond Borders, is required to participate in the workshop (between €5 and €100). The payment of the membership will be made at the same time as the deposit, on the HelloAsso platform.

Refund conditions:
The deposit is fully refundable up to 1 month before the course (October 7, 2023) and up to 50% up to 15 days before the start of the course (October 24).
There will be no refund after this date.

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